Are you good at being yourself? 
Gaining Confidence with Your True Colors
Because you are born with unique skin, eye and hair tones, wearing
the right 
color clothes and make-up that match your tones is the key
to bringing out your true beauty. You will look healthier, younger and
simply better in these colors...YOUR colors. 
Colors that you usually prefer to wear may not necessarily
be the colors that best suit your natural tone.
Through color analysis, you'll be able to discover which colors
actually complement and help radiate your natural tone. 

Wearing your true colors will not only
 positively affect
others' impression of you, it is also the first step towards
strengthening your self-confidence and building a positive
image of yourself that you can carry with you wherever you go.      

① 自分は人にどういう印象を与えたいか
② 人が自分にどういう印象を持つか
③ 自分は実際、内面的にどういう人なのか


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