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"I look for people’s inner beauty through color analysis”
                                                                       Yumi Toko
A native of Japan and married to a U.S. diplomat, Yumi has lived in the United States, Taiwan, China, Japan and Kyiv, Ukraine. She is currently living in Leipzig, Germany
with her husband and four children - a 16 year old boy, 14 year old boy, and 12 year old boy/girl twins.
She is a certified color and image consultant.
Fluent in Japanese, English, she is also a successful teacher, intercultural trainer and dog groomer. 
教師、異文化トレーナー、ドッグトリマー。 日本語、英語。
Special Thanks to R. Lance Garcia for the logo,
and to Kahori Matsui Roskamp, Nao and Hideki Takanashi for the photos. 

© Yumi Toko 2016. All rights reserved.

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