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                               Angie Behenke
To my pleasant surprise, Color Analysis by Yumi has really affected how I choose, purchase, and wear clothing -- something I did not expect. Yumi showed me what a difference choosing a color that compliments my face can make -- and many were colors that I had not been traditionally choosing. I appreciate being able to look my best, but another unexpected surprise was how it has simplified my life. Now that I know which colors I look and feel good in, I am able to buy and select exactly what works for me. Once my friends and I had our Color Analysis done by Yumi, we had a party at which we all brought clothing and jewelry from our closets and traded according to our new color systems. It was fantastic! I am happy and grateful that I was able to experience what my friends and I now fondly call "Yumi Magic."
(Mother, Marriage and Family Therapist. Virginia, U.S.A.)
                              Kahori Matsui Roskamp
Color Analysis changed my world! Having a color consultation done by Yumi was an eye-opener. I witnessed and learned there was actually a group of colors that could make me look healthier and younger. Shopping for cosmetics with Yumi and trying out the colors she recommended was very helpful to know what suit me the best. I usually buy inexpensive cosmetics from a drug store and it was helpful that what she and I share the same values when it comes to buying cosmetics. I used to vacillate between summer and autumn colors when shopping for clothes, cosmetics and jewelries, but after heaving learned that summer colors are the best for me, now I don't waste time being indecisive and know what to look for and why sometimes I didn't look good on certain clothes in autumn colors that I thought were cute. Learning my colors made shopping so much easier. To know the type of colors that brings the best out of me was to know about myself and what makes me look more like myself. After Yumi's magical consultation, I'm convinced that the style and design of the clothes and jewelries have elements to make your look stylish, but the colors hold a crucial element that brings out individual's attractive features and natural beauty. I'm obsessed with color analysis!
(Freelance Interpreter & Translator. Mumbai, India)
カラー診断の体験は、目から鱗の体験でした。今までに 可愛いと 思って買い、似合わないと感じた服やメイクの原因が分かり、
買い物をする時に無駄な買い物や、迷う事が無くなりました! ゆみさんにメイクの買い物に付き添ってもらった時、
また、自分に似合う 化粧品を教えてもらえたことは、化粧品はブランド品でなくとも 自分の魅力を引き出してくれる事を
再確認できたと同時に、自分に 合う化粧品の色を学ぶ事ができ、大切な収穫となりました。
イメージが違い、 どちらが自分らしいのか分からなかったので、買い物時によく迷っていました。カラー診断のお陰で、
自分に合うのは夏色であることが 分かり、それによって自分をより知る事ができました。今では自分に似合うスタイル、
自分らしさを確率する事ができ、買い物もとても 楽になりました。服やアクセサリーのデザイン、スタイルは、
出してくれる重要な 要素であると確信しています。
カラー診断をしてもらった今では、 頭の中がカラー診断だらけです!
(フリーランス通訳翻訳 インド・ムンバイ)


                                Alex De Ceuster
After the color analysis I finally know which colors are suitable for my skin-type…
When I go shopping I always take the fabric samples with me!
(Marketing Director. Shanghai, China)
結果は意外ではありましたが、選ぶ色に自信を持てる ようになり、どんな色を着ていても自分のことをよく
分かっているという確信が心地よいです。(アパレル販売 上海/大阪)

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